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Speech therapy Rüdiger Rother & Team 
We are happy to welcome you on the site of our office for speech therapy.

Welcome to our office -  speech therapy for children and adults

Rüdiger Rother & Team Langenhagen Kaltenweide, Kaltenweider Platz 7!

team kaltenweideThe rooms of our office are located at the Kaltenweider Platz opposite the S-Bahn station. We are part of the health centre Kaltenweide and inside the building also a general practitioner, a paediatrician and a gynaecologist are located.

You can easily reach our office of every district of Langenhagen by bus, S-Bahn or car. There are many parking facilities available.

Our team of therapists has a lot of experience over several years. We treat any kind of speech impairment, dysphagia and mogilalia in children, adolescents and adults. Many of our employees also got some specialisations so that we are able to treat seldom impairments besides the common ones as well. Our main areas are childhood speech impairments, neurological caused impairments, the impaired ability to swallow and mogilalia. Within our work the cooperation with physicians and institutions is very improtant to us. Thats why we also work together with special educational institutions for children, with institutions for disabled adults as well as with nursing homes. We also offer professional development for the employees and house calls for our patients. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by phone 0511/98431312 or mail 

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